Microcourse Mindfulnes-Based Strengths Practice (MBSP)


Becoming aware of your Character Strenghts

Learn the universal language of 24 VIA character strengths which are the backbone of positive psychology, the science of how we thrive best in life with its ups and downs. Awareness around, and development of character strengths has shown to have a positive effect on our commitment, our well-being, our achievements and our relationships. All important topics in (self-)leadership and coaching.

If you score high in the character strenght Love of learning, you probably want to read more about the MBSP program and you can do that here here.

If you are Curious or want to make a Judgment based on an experience, join the free course and

  • you hear about the history behind MBSP
  • you learn about the benefits of integrating the 24 character strengths with Mindfulness
  • you watch an engaging and informative short film about character strengths
  • you experience a mindfulness-based strengths excercise

FREE AND ONLINE minicourse - 1 hour

May 16th at 6 PM CEST 2022 during International Coaching Week - MBSP in coaching



September 7th at 7 PM CEST 2022 - MBSP in leadership and coaching


Microcourse Mindfulnes-Based Strengths Practice (MBSP) | tankeflyt.no

When you don't find a suitable time, just contact me and I set up a demo for you or your team.

To read about the full 8-weeks MBSP program, you can go here: