for (self-)leadership

Looking for enjoyable habit changes based on science?

Looking for novel approaches in this VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous)?

Looking for fun and developmental team engagement activities?

Whether you are a leader, manager, coach, team member, you can not be put in a box because you ARE the box that contains many treasures. If you look at the pictures below, which one do you yourself feel most attracted to?

The ThoughtArt concept offers various 'boxes' with content that is offered as an online taster, workshop, teamcoaching, introductory course and/or individual program. You can combine as many boxes as you would like because there is often not just one way to achieve what you want.

In free microcourses you get in addition to an introduction to the method, also some suggestions for new pleasurable habits that can be easily integrated into your daily work without costing more time. The more often you do short micro-activities, the faster you and/or your team integrate new learning and experiences.